Please play by the rules when taking part in MyBabyVote. We expect the entrants of our monthly competition to respect our rules in the interests of fairness and full disclosure.

Please read our Rules ("Rules") below as well as our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy ("Policies") before entering your baby into MyBabyVote.

Please be aware that you’re entering and / or voting in any competition and / or accessing the website hosting our competition ("Websites") constitutes your automatic acceptance of our Rules, Terms & Conditions, and Policies. Our terminology and obligations are explained in detail in these documents ("Policies").

We request everyone to play by the rules when taking part in the MyBabyVote Photo Contest. We expect all the participants to respect contest rules. Please read all the rules for the "MyBabyVote Photo Contest" carefully:

1. This contest held every month with Registration $10 only. It is open to kids aged 0 to 12 years and everyone can participate from any part of the world.
2. The contest starts on every 1st day of the month. E.g., the registration of November contest will start on 1st November.
3. The voting starts on every 1st day of the month and ends on 30th day of the month. E.g., the voting lines of the month November start on 1st December & ends on 30th December.
4. Everyone can vote for the participant once in a month at our website from any part of the world.
5. The result will be declared on every 7th day of the next month. E.g., Result of November contest will be declared on 7th of January.
6. You can find your baby votes and rank on your baby voting page above voting button. Please note that the current votes and rank are not final because final votes and rank will be calculated in the result.
7. The final votes are calculated on the basis of your MyBabyVote Photo Contest votes – Invalid votes (If any). At the time of result, all votes will be validated and cheats will be removed. Contestants with genuine votes win the contest.
8. Top 10 winners based on the highest votes in the contest will be announced on our result page.
9. Participation certificates will be given to the participants with Top 51 Rank in the contest after the result only.
10. Bonus votes will be added only in the final result on completing Baby Vote final level.
11. Prizes will be given to the winner as per the rank-wise prize details list of the contest month.
12. The winners will be contacted via email once the result announced and winners must reply us within 7 days to claim the prize. In case of no response, we will cancel the prize for the respective winner.
13. We’re not responsible in case of no contact for the winning prize if you have entered a wrong email address while participating in the contest. Please use a valid email address while participation.
14. We can ask for baby age proof from the winning entries. If the age of the winner is above 12 then we will cancel your winning prize and your entry will be marked as disqualified.
15. If we found any fake/spammed votes or suspicious activity in your voting logs, then the entry will be disable for some time period or deleted from the contest without any prior notice or warning. We have all the voting logs for each entry and 5 layers of fraud protection. It’s very easy for us to detect those fake/spammed votes.
16. You can upload only 1 photo in our monthly contest but you can participate in our next monthly contest (If you are not the 1st, to 10th winner in our past 6-month contests).
17. All the entries in the contest are automatically approved by our system, but in case if we found any fake information or any star/celebrity baby photo in our contest then your entry to the contest will be disqualified immediately. In case of multiple entries, duplicate entries will be deleted from the contest.
18. In case of any disputes or failure to adhere to these rules in any way, MyBabyVote reserve all the rights to disqualify any entry from the contest. All decisions made by our team are final in all aspects related to the contest.
19. For any query related to the contest rules, please do visit our FAQ section or you can contact us by submitting an online form here.

The above rules were last updated on Sunday, October 31, 2021. We should update, amend or make any changes to our rules without any prior notice; those changes will be posted here.

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